These companies have chosen CODEC as there technology partner in several innovated wireless product developments
Codec Telecom BV, Weegschaalstraat 3, 5632 CW Eindhoven, The Netherlands, T +31 (0)40 29 11 480, E, Kvk 17175078
WLAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GSM/GPRS, GPS, DECT, ISM, VoIP, RFID, UWB

“We offer a complete development solution for your wireless product,
with full responsibility for the overall product from concept to manufacturing.”
CODEC has years of experience in developing wireless products and in bringing them in production. Our time-to-market is short while the products are reliable, cheap and conform specifications. This is because CODEC has fast decision lines and has the know-how and experience with regard to the conception of a product as well as the entire process of product qualification and production ramp-up.

WLAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GSM/GPRS, GPS, DECT, ISM, VoIP, telephony and RFID

  • Hardware circuit design
    We design efficient circuits with state-of-the-art components.
  • PCB design
    For RF the design of the PCB is of great influence. CODEC knows exactly the do’s and don’t’s.
  • RF design
    We have a wide experience in RF development and we are equipped with the equipment for reliable designs.
  • antenna design
    We have developed a multitude of antennas for different applications. For your application we have several antenna technologies to choose from to ensure optimal performance.
  • embedded software
    There is rarely a product without embedded software. We can develop the firmware for many kinds of applications.
  • prequalification
    With our test facilities up to 30 GHz we can help you with the prequalification of your radio device.
  • project management
    We can be project manager for the whole product development including cabinet design and production preparation.
  • telephony
    Knowledge of telephony is an expertise within CODEC.
  • audio processing
    The processing of analogue audio signals is an expertise which CODEC possesses and this will be needed to design a successful audio product.
Consumer products, professional products, Machine to Machine (M2M), home automation, dedicated devices.

  • Consultancy
    We can advise you about the feasibility of a product thanks to our know-how and experience. CODEC can help you with your RF problems; Suppose you have designed a product yourself and it has RF problems then CODEC can analyze and identify the source of the problems and propose a solution. CODEC can also advise on embedded software, MMI implementations (more user friendly), antenna design (e.g. performance) or the baseband hardware.

  • Prototyping
    In case you have a great idea and you want to have something physical to show then CODEC can make a demonstrator. This demonstrator can be used for proof-of-concept and technical feasibility evaluation.

  • Product development
    (wireless) Product development from an idea to production is a process with several stages and many aspects have to be taken in account. CODEC has already brought several products successfully in production and can be the overall project leader of the whole development. We work closely with the cabinet designer and manufacturer to ensure that the final product is reliable, fulfills the customer wishes and performs to expectations.

We translate your concept into a concrete electronic circuit, software and matching cabinets, taking into account that we always “develop for production”. During mechanical and electronic design we also consider the production and test methods so that production can be done as efficiently as possible with a high reliability.

We always consider these factors during product development:
  • Cost effective components
  • Reliable sourcing and second sourcing
  • Design for tolerance
  • Efficient assembly
  • Production testing
  • Product reliability
  • Certification
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CODEC’s SIP VoIP platform which is applied in
some WiFi telephony products by our Asian customers.
Codec Telecom is member of Texas Instruments Inc. Design House network.
Codec Telecom is member of Texas Instrument Inc. Design House network.

Codec Telecom is official design partner of Microchip Technology Inc.
Codec Telecom is official design partner of Microchip Technology Inc.