These companies have chosen CODEC as there technology partner in several innovated wireless product developments
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WLAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GSM/GPRS, GPS, DECT, ISM, VoIP, RFID, UWB

“We offer a complete development solution for your wireless product,
with full responsibility for the overall product from concept to manufacturing.”
How we work
Product development process
For the product development of a wireless product we can identify several phases. The whole process starts with a great idea and ends with a desirable product. In between we have the following steps:

  • Idea phase
    At this stage a customer comes to CODEC with a great idea. CODEC will discuss the idea with the customer and evaluate if it will be feasible. It must be technical feasible; the development cost should match with the customer; the product's Bill Of Materials (BOM) should be economic; Can it work in practice (realistic assumptions); Is there a market for it; etc.
  • Requirements phase
    If both CODEC and customer believe in the product's feasibility a functional requirements specification of the product will be drafted. This specification describes the functionality and will be discussed with the customer and should be agreed on by both parties.
  • Design phase
    If the functional requirements specification is ready then the design phase can be started. CODEC will start the hardware design (electronic circuit design, pcb design) and software design. This phase requires close cooperation between the hardware designer and cabinet designer. This results in circuit design, PCB design and a software design document.
  • Implementation phase
    In the implementation phase CODEC the software will be implemented based on the software design and a small batch of prototypes is produced. These will be used for hardware design verification and software development.
  • Integration and testing phase
    When the target hardware is ready and has passed the first initial checks then the software engineers can start testing the software on the hardware. At the end the total functionality will be checked against the functional requirements specifications. Typically a small pre-production batch is produced for fine-tuning the production process. The production devices are used for final testing and certification purposes to make sure that all CE requirements are fulfilled and the product can legally enter the market.
To keep certification costs to a minimum CODEC can do a number of prequalification tests on the product to make sure that it will pass qualification tests in an approved test house. With test facilities up to 30 GHz CODEC can do the prequalification of your radio device. After this CODEC will guide the official certification of the product which will be done in an approved testhouse.

Prototyping and demonstrators
Sometimes it may be desirable to develop a quick demonstrator with the key functionality of a product concept, before actually starting a complete product development. The demonstrator can be used for evaluating the concept, prove the technical feasibility or convince other parties of the feasibility of the concept. A demonstrator may feature only the key concept but may not fulfill all product requirements. A prototype on the other hand is part of the product development and will be close to the end product. During the concept phase CODEC will discuss with the customer the possible need for demonstrators ahead of starting a product development.

If the product development is completed the production can be started. CODEC has good contacts with high quality production facilities in Europe as well in Asia. Test specifications for production will be supplied by CODEC and if the pilot batch is ok then mass production can start.
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CODEC’s SIP VoIP platform which is applied in
some WiFi telephony products by our Asian customers.
Codec Telecom is member of Texas Instruments Inc. Design House network.
Codec Telecom is member of Texas Instrument Inc. Design House network.

Codec Telecom is official design partner of Microchip Technology Inc.
Codec Telecom is official design partner of Microchip Technology Inc.