WLAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GSM/GPRS, GPS, DECT, ISM, VoIP, RFID, UWB

“We offer a complete development solution for your wireless product,
with full responsibility for the overall product from concept to manufacturing.”
A wide experience in RF development
CODEC offers wireless product development. CODEC can help you to transform your idea or needs into a real product and start production. CODEC has a wide experience in developing wireless products which will be used together with our creativity and innovative capabilities to design a high quality product.
Thanks to our knowledge and experience we can advise about the technology and point out the strong and weak parts of the concept or product.

An excellent reputation and strong network
CODEC exists since 2005 and has built up during the years an excellent reputation. Some well-known multinationals like Philips, Honeywell and GE already have chosen CODEC to develop wireless products for them. Besides, CODEC is Authorized Design Partner for Texas Instruments, Microchip and Mixe Communication Solutions BV (MCS). CODEC also has a strong network for cooperation with other companies for example manufacturers (Europe and Asia) to do the production , design companies (cabinets), and others.

One-stop-shop for development of wireless telecom products.
We offer a complete solution for product development; We design electronic circuits, PCB's and firmware and we prefer to take the role as Project Manager with full responsibility for the development of the product.

latest news
January 2011
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October 2010
CODEC introduces Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). This autumn we are launching... Read more

May 2010
New website  launched.

CODEC’s SIP VoIP platform which is applied in
some WiFi telephony products by our Asian customers.
Codec Telecom is member of Texas Instruments Inc. Design House network.
Codec Telecom is member of Texas Instrument Inc. Design House network.

Codec Telecom is official design partner of Microchip Technology Inc.
Codec Telecom is official design partner of Microchip Technology Inc.
These companies have chosen CODEC as there technology partner in several innovated wireless product developments
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